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ere are several links to other sites that might be of interest:

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. -- The main site which contains all the information needed to get started.
Kingdom of the Outlands -- This is the site for the Kingdom we reside in, and contains a lot of good information including the calendar of events.
Kingdom of the Outlands Yahoo! Group -- An excellent site to talk to other members in the Kingdom of the Outlands.
Citadel of the Southern Pass Yahoo! Group -- The Yahoo! Group dedicated to discussing things that affect the Barony.
Citadel of the Southern Pass Archers Yahoo! Group -- This is the place to go to find information on the local archers, practices and how to get started with archery in the Barony.
SCAToday.net -- This is an excellent site for news and happenings across the Known World, as well as links to articles of interest.
Autocrating Events -- A great article that discusses what you need to know to autocrat events.
Ashcraft-Baker -- Decent prices for starter armour.
Clang Armoury -- Some very nice quality armoury.
Ironmonger Armoury -- Some great helmets, but also carries hard to get armour-smithing tools.
Windrose Armoury -- Another Arizona armorer with nice pieces.
Alchem, Inc. -- Interesting rapiers as well as crossbow pieces.
Darkwood Armory -- Incredible pieces, very historically accurate in appearance.
James the Just/Amazonia Enterprises -- Another fine maker of rapiers and a good person to deal with.
Triplette Competition Arms and Zen Warrior Armory -- Great beginner rapiers and equipment including gloves, masks, etc.
The Rotunda -- Under the fencing menu you'll find a very comprehensive list for the rapier world, including dealers and other pertinent information.
Historic Enterprises -- By far one the best sites for period clothing and whatever else you can think of.
Medieval Designs -- An Italian site (with an English translation) that has some really nice period clothes and accessories.
Margo's Patterns -- Very nice patterns, especially if you enjoy Elizabethian period clothing.
Sewing Central -- Very good selection of period patterns.
Boots by Bohemond -- Functional SCA style boots.
Revival Clothing/Chivalry Bookshelf -- An excellent site for period clothing, sundries, and literature.
Reconstructing History -- A great site for a variety of historic patterns.
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