Officers Seneschal THL Warmin Belshire. The Seneschal manages the administration of the Barony, directing activities and making interpretations of, and clarifications to, the policies governing historical recreation aspects of the Society. Click to e-mail Hospitaler THL Edmundus Peregrinator is in charge of Newcomers' Relations; click to e-mail. Knight Marshal Lord Wolf von der Muhle-Eckart is responsible for martial activities including armored combat in tournaments and wars, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, and equestrian activities. Click to e-mail Chronicler Lord Giovanni oversees the Newsletter for the Barony. Click to e-mail Arts and Sciences Lady Francisca is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances. His/her duties include promoting the dissemination of accurate information about the fields under study. The Minister also assists the Chronicler of the Barony and the editors of Barony publications in confirming the validity of research presented to the membership. Click to e-mail Chirurgeon Lady Rios inghean Domhnaill provides first aid at Society events. The word Chirurgeon is a medieval term from which the modern Surgeon is derived. Members of the SCA Chirurgeonate include Red Cross trained first aiders, medical doctors, military medical corpsmen, nurses, paramedics, St. John's Ambulance volunteers, and many other medical volunteers. click to e-mail Rook Pursuivant Lord Joaquin, maintains Baronial memberships in the Society for Creative Anachronism and updates all address and phone number changes,assist individuals with heraldic submissions,click to e-mail Exchequer Lord Friedrich of Stormhill, reports to the Society Treasurer, and is in charge of all financial activites for accounts other than the Corporate Office accounts and compiles financial information reported by all local branches of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., to be used in the SCA's tax returns and other financial reports; click to e-mail Historian Vicomte Berold de Gilbert, is responsible for the Baronial Archives and maintains a recorded record of the history of the Baronty click to e-mail Scribe THL Edmundus Peregrinator is responsible for making baronial scroll assignments, following up with those making the scrolls, and get said scrolls to the Baron and Baroness at the correct time and place. The Scribe also instructs aspiring scrollmakers in the scribal arts, and works with the Baron and Baroness in the creation of special scroll texts, when they are needed, click to e-mail Webminister Lord Giovanni is responsible for the Baronial website and content click to e-mail Minister of the List Lady Inara, attends all locally sponsored events where a tournament or combat authorization bouts will be held, is familiar with the basic procedures for Combat Authorizations, maintains a firm working relationship with all warranted marshals in Barony, enforces Kingdom and Society Law and Policy relating to SCA combat authorization procedures with all persons, regardless of rank, click to e-mail Upcoming Events Site Map Newsletter